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Guardianship Jax Services
Guardianship is necessary when alternative means of protecting vulnerable individuals are not sufficient. A Guardian is appointed by the Court when a person is found legally incapacitated or incapable of managing some or all areas of their life. Ideally, a family member or friend would be the Guardian, but in the event there are no family or friends willing or able to step forward, the court will appoint a Professional Guardian. Professional Guardians are governed by Florida Law (FL Statute Chapter 744) and are held to the highest standard of care. 

Guardianship is a last resort.
Guardianship Services

Estate Services
Legal Guardianship
Emergency Temporary Guardianship
Receiving Income & Paying Expenses
Determining & Applying For Benefits
Making Medical Decisions and Arranging For Care
Determining Place of Residence​

Help with Moving
Property Management
Arranging For Sale of Property
Asset Inventory
Arranging For Storage